Haunted Dobbs

For my hoax, I want to tell a fictitious story about Dobbs Hall being haunted. This topic will be well-suited for this medium because I can create many fictional sound effects and sound bytes that will appear to be real. I plan to include eye witness interviews, sound effects that resemble ghost sounds or ghost-like things, and a conversation between me and someone else about these hauntings like the conversation in Sawbones. I also want to including music and fictitious news reports like the War of the Worlds podcast.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    I like the Emory specific idea, A.J.! The specific audience will help you tailor your tactics. I can’t quite tell whether you’re planning to do War of the Worlds style (“breaking news…”) or something more analytical (“Emory students were convinced that ghosts were haunting campus b/c…”). There are probably ways to incorporate both but it will take some thinking through.

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