Bells, Taco and Liberty Alike

For my podcast I have decided to talk about Taco Bell’s hoax to buy the Liberty Bell and rename it the Taco Liberty Bell. I plan on exploring this topic and the different public reactions. Starting off with reading the add to the listeners, I would give them a taste of the hoax to see if they would find it believable and put them in the shoes of those who originally saw this add. I’m thinking of making my podcast more informal,┬ásimilar to that of the Sawbones podcast. I also intend to use sound effects like “The War of the Worlds”, and find testimonies of the public’s reaction to Taco Bell’s add in several papers of having bought the Liberty Bell. This source will have a great deal┬áto talk about because the hoax is more recent, and received a lot of response.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    This will be great, Maya! Nice title on this post, and good work breaking down the tone and approach you’ll plan to use. I’m curious what kinds of sound effects you’ll employ? Live reporting with the bell being rung? Taco Bell vendors selling from stands near the attraction? Etc etc…

    Next time, try to link the url for your source into the text of your post.

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