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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Nice start, Yemaj. The expert interview works well and if you play up the emotion you’ve got a solid emotional appeal too. One thing you might think about is how you could develop this further if you included some sort of skeptical character–at this point, the interviewer seems pretty easily convinced, which could impact credibility for the listener. What if you included an interview with someone–an astronomer or something–who is saying this is bogus? Then you’d have a little more to play with in terms of setting this up as believable.

    Another quick thing–you set this up as a “live broadcast” but then we aren’t really on the scene. I think you could work through that in one of two ways: either frame it as an interview and drop the intro about live cast, or make the content more “live”–breaking news style.

    Looking forward to it! This is a perfect topic for the Halloween season.

  2. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Also! Title your posts.

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