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DIA Hoax Draft

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Great start, Selina. You’ve pulled lots of interesting evidence here and present it in a good combination of first-person account, historical info from the narrator, sound effects, and visual description. I’m looking forward to hearing it!

    I’m wondering if you could find other ways to pull in rhetorical appeals as well. What if you pulled in a fake expert on the artwork, or on the history of the freemasons? For example, the host could ask, “What do you see in this mural, Dr. Fancy Art Man?” “Well, we’ve got yadayada yada, I sound like a fancy art man.” Does that make sense? It might help you break up the dialog and add in another authoritative voice or two.

    I also think you might be able to cut your current “thesis statement” where you lay out all the arguments you’re about to present. I’m not sure podcasts often have thesis statements in the same way–if I think about a podcast trying to convince me of a hoax, I feel like it might make more sense to set up the topic overall–there are rumors about the airport and you’re going to investigate them–and then just jump in with the evidence and let it stack up and build credibility.

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