Swiss Spaghetti Rough Draft

Rough Draft: Swiss Spaghetti Harvest Podcast

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Lots of good ground work here and I’m excited to see how you develop it! Before you go too much farther, I would do some thinking about your exact audience and your aim for them. Are you trying to tell a modern American audience about this historical event? Or Italian farmers at the time who would have thought it was nonsense? Or the British public at the time who could have been fooled? I’m a confused about this in your current layout of audience, b/c at first it sounds like you mean people at the time, but then it’s something that would be live-streamed on the internet. Can you clarify? I think getting a good handle on that will help you imagine exactly how to lay out the evidence you’ve got here. Maybe just imagine one person in one very particular situation and target them!

    Looking forward to hearing this!

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