3 potential essay topics

When I read my hoax, it was hard to tell if it could be classified as such, due to the consideration that it did not appear to be written with the intention to deceive. Therefore, I came to question, is this a myth? A wives tale? My three questions, then, are:

1) How is this a hoax

2)How, if at all, did the author tend to deceive the audience and why?

3) What made this hoax believable and unbelievable?

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Good start, Lauri–these are important questions that I think will guide your paper well, though the first two seem like sub-questions to the first. So, to maximize the range of stuff you come up with in the librarian visit tomorrow, you may want to think about coming up with a couple more questions about the contexts of the story. If you haven’t made a map of the different themes that emerge thru this essay, try that out and see what types of context questions you can come up with–would it be important to get some context on fetal alcohol syndrome? on medical care on reservations? I haven’t read the essay, so I don’t know if these would actually be interesting questions, but try to come up with one or two things that are important aspects of the story that you could research! You could make your questions more and more specific. So, what would you need to know, beyond your own close reading, about what makes it believable or not? Would it be useful to do some research into stereotypes about Native Americans in order to answer that question, for instance?

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