Blair Witch Project 3 Questions

1. How does the medium of documentary film effect how sucsessful the overall hoax is?

2. The line between reality and perception can be blurry through the lens of a camera, how did the director utilize this principle?

3. When The Blair Witch Project came out in theaters many left thinking they had just seen a legitimate first hand account of non-fiction. What about the film made many people believe this?

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Hey Emma! Great start–I think these are all good questions that you should take up in your paper, and I can see where a lot of your own analysis of the film will provide some compelling answers to them. Take a look at the email I just sent everyone, though, to try to frame some questions that might be answered through research. You may be able to look at how audiences responded, for instance, by looking at film reviews that came out at the same time. You may be able to find interviews with the director or actors. The list goes on! Looking forward to this paper.

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