Research Question Option

  1. What affect did the time period in which “A Modest Proposal” was written have on its believability and the outrage about the paper?
  2. How did the structure and literary tactics of each paragraph contribute to the believability of the paper?
  3. What elements of “A Modest Proposal” give away the fact that it is satire?
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One Response to Research Question Option

  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Hey Jack! Great questions. I think you should take all of these up in your paper. If you take a look at the email I just sent everyone, I think your first question might be especially productive, research-wise. You’ll be able to get some good sources on Swift’s politics and the political conflicts between the Irish and the English.

    Your second and third questions seem more like things you might answer through your own close reading and analysis, but I think it’s possible you might find that historians and other scholars may have asked the same questions.

    You could also go a little more broad and find something on the history of satire (or an article about the impact of satire) or something along those lines to gives this a broader context.

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