Catch Me If You Can- 3 Questions

1. Did the times helpĀ Frank Abagnale Jr. pull off his hoaxes? How common was bank fraud in the 70s?

2. What made Frank Abagnale Jr. so successful in executing his hoaxes?

3. Did Steven Speilberg portray Frank Abagnale Jr.’s shenanigans successfully? Was he aware of his audience?


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One Response to Catch Me If You Can- 3 Questions

  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Nice start, Selina. The first question especially is targeted toward research, and hopefully you’ll be able to pull some sources about banking and bank fraud.

    The second question is one you will partly answer through your own interpretation of the film, but since there is a real life Frank Abagnale who has written about his work, you may be able to find something in that as well.

    The third question is the one most geared to your own analysis, but finding film reviews and things of that nature may be able to help you think through what Spielberg is doing and how audiences reacted.

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