Potential research questions

1. How does using the perspective of a camera enhance the terror of the film? Different camera angles?

2. What is the history behind a poltergeist? What forms are they manifested in and why have been so famous throughout history?

3. How long has paranormal activity been documented for and how has it effected societies or groups of people or prompted them to act a certain way?

4. What psychological effects do horror movies such as paranormal activity have on people? Why does it effect us so much even though we know it is a fake movie?

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One Response to Potential research questions

  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Lovely questions, Alex. The first is something you’ll be able to handle mostly through your own analysis, though I think you’ll also be able to find some sources like movie reviews that show how audiences reacted.

    The other three questions, I think, will lead you to some really interesting sources–perhaps some historical about this history of the paranormal, and others more theoretical, for instance about why people are so into horror, and how it effects them. You could even look at articles about other similar films that talk about these phenomena, like The Blair Witch Project.

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