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Nasdijj tells his story with a voice of pure honesty and portrays the brutal truth of the Native American lifestyle. How does his genuine tone and realistic descriptions contrast to the fact that he was a fraud? How might this be similar to the society we live in?

Discuss the symbolism in the story and how it portrays the life and history of the Native Americans. Consider not only parts of the plot but also the style of prose and sentence structure.

What might have been some motives for the author to pose as Nasdijj? Could there have been some positive intentions? What themes might portray the lessons that the author learned during his lifetime?

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    These are really great, detailed questions, Liliana. I think they will guide your paper well, and I think that robustly answering them will lead you to a strong paper.

    You may want to think about which of them you will answer with your own close reading and analysis, and which places you will want to buttress with external research. Beyond just sources about Nadijj and what the real author was up to, it may be interesting to think about some contexts like histories of people attempting to pass themselves off as another race (does this compare in any way, for instance, to that big Rachel Dolezal controversy earlier this year?), histories of stereotypes about Native Americans, or problems getting good medical care on reservations (there’s a huge problem with funding for care, I think). I know that’s a wide range, but it’s just a few thoughts about the kinds of bigger contexts you would work with.

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