LITS selected to test required cybersecurity training

LITS Security has created a security awareness training module that will soon be required for all University staff and new employees. The course was created to ensure that all Emory University employees receive a baseline set of security training. We are asking that LITS employees take the training first as part of our testing plan and provide any feedback about mistakes that you may see, problems scoring the exam, etc. At this point we are not primarily looking for feedback about the content itself, though if you see something you think would be a good future enhancement, please let us know for future consideration. You can send feedback to security-training-feedback [at] emory [dot] onmicrosoft [dot] com.

The course will be available starting Tuesday, October 20. We would appreciate all feedback be completed by Monday, November 2. The course takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

You may access the course by doing the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “My Learning” tile.
  3. You should see a course titled “Emory Cybersecurity Awareness Training”
  4. Click the “Launch” button to open the course summary page.
  5. Click the “Launch” button again on the summary page to launch the course.

You can also expect to receive an automated email inviting you to take the course in the near future. There are exam questions spread throughout the course. In order for the course to be marked as complete, you must answer all of the exam questions correctly. Thank you for your time and feedback!

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