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Virtual desktops, Emory heroes and other COVID reflections

I am sure we all agree, there are lots of changes in our professional and personal lives resulting from the new way of life brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic… Our operations have been significantly impacted by the transition to a mostly off-campus working model for LITS and our customers. Among the very positive results […]

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Online and streaming yoga offered by Emory

Emory is offering free online and streaming yoga classes and expanding its offerings. You can take classes or follow poses of your own choosing at your convenience. Yoga for Work includes stretches you can do in your chair or at your desk setup, and there is also guided meditation. They just added a few Saturday […]

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Coping with COVID: Two weeks in the lives of LITSers

“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf, German aviator As we finish up a second week where most of LITS is teleworking during Emory’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, it is reassuring to know that our colleagues around the division are finding […]

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PATH subcommittee on awards and recognition presents findings

photo of employee

Based on feedback collected after last year’s LEAP! event, the PATH Committee (People, Awards, Town Halls) created a subcommittee to focus on awards recognition. That subcommittee, chaired by Keith Covert, undertook a deep dive into the recognition programs, with a focus on division-wide programs versus more localized departmental programs, and a special focus on the […]

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Bill Choate leaves Emory after 32 years of IT excellence

Bill Choate, a storage engineer II on the Enterprise Storage team, is retiring from Emory this week after 32 years in IT. “It’s been a long ride of constant change,” says Bill. “It’s been an amazing industry to work in. Things we do today were only pipe dreams just twenty years ago.” Originally from Chattanooga, […]

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Kim Comstock: “I enjoyed coming to work every day.”

Kim Comstock, the business manager for LITS HR, is finally leaving Emory after 37 amazing years. Born in Webster, NY (outside of Rochester), Kim attended college at Cedar Crest College (a private woman’s college in Allentown, PA) and earned a degree in philosophy and studio arts. “Philosophy makes you contemplate life. I still like reading […]

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With a twinkle and a smile, Al Shelton departs after 34 years of Emory service

This week marks the last in a 34-year Emory career for applications developer and analyst, Al Shelton. It is hard for anyone to believe he’s actually leaving. “What?” says former co-worker Luciano Dalla Venezia. “I didn’t think he was ever leaving!” Hired at Emory in 1986 to promote the use of PCs and get users […]

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