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After 49 years, Betty Berry has left an indelible mark on Emory Libraries

When Betty Berry came to work at Emory, Nixon was in the White House, Neil Armstrong was landing on the moon, gas was 35-cents a gallon, and the Robert W. Woodruff Library was opening its doors. Betty’s career has literally spanned the life of the Woodruff Library, where she has worked for five decades. Born […]

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Pet of the week: Mina

Gretchen Warner (graphics designer, CCR) adopted Mina in January 2018, after coming across her profile on PetFinder, wearing a red sweater in her photo. The profile read, “proud mother of 4 beautiful babies” and that she was “dropped off at the shelter in a laundry basket” with her babies. She had a calcium deficiency and […]

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Tanya McKibben welcomes the world to her Diva Den

Tanya McKibben (administrative assistant, EASI) was recently featured in a beautiful, three-page spread in American Miniaturist Magazine‘s July 2018 issue. Miniaturists are folks who create beautiful art depicting the world around them, or the world from their dreams, at about 1/12 the scale of real life. We took a few moments to sit down with Tanya […]

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Pet(s) of the week: Buddy, DD, Stormy, Scarlett, Blackie, Spencer, Josie, and Gracie

Photo of horses

Susan Greene (project manager, PMO) and her partner Linda have eight pets: two horses, three dogs, and three cats: Buddy, DD, Stormy, Scarlett, Blackie, Spencer, Josie, and Gracie! Buddy is a Tennessee Walking horse that they rescued from a bad situation back in 2011. The vet thinks he looks to be around 25 years old. He […]

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Global Village Project a great place to serve

Photo of an employee

For the Goizueta Business Library’s Amanda Adams (library specialist), the Global Village Project (GVP) answered her need to serve. Housed in the Decatur Presbyterian Church, the GVP is a scholastic program designed to equip recently arrived refugee girls with the academic and social knowledge needed for success in a high school or equivalency program. Amanda is […]

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New LEAF Committee announced

The newest version of the Library Employee Advocacy Forum (LEAF) has been announced. LEAF’s vision is to bolster a community where each person can feel empowered to succeed. The committee is comprised of members elected by each of the library’s departments and terms usually last two years. LEAF serves as a liaison between the University Librarian […]

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Pet(s) of the week: Houdini and Hobbit

Photo of a dog

The Pets of the Week, which come from the home of Kat Boushell (but are hilariously not cats), are Houdini and Hobbit. Houdini is a coonhound and Hobbit is a terrier mix. Kat’s family got Houdini six years age from the Atlanta Humane Society. He was rescued from a hoarder in South Georgia who was featured […]

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