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Woodruff Library Level 1 Breakroom Redux or ‘Please pardon our progress!’

Woodruff Library’s level 1 employee break room is getting a major facelift this fall. This change is happening due to the efforts of the Library Employee Advocacy Forum (LEAF) and Emory Libraries leadership, along with the LITS Business and Finance team. Employees can expect changes to take place in stages that started last week with […]

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Wolff’s collaboration with AWS at Emory leads to potential new approach to schizophrenia research

photo of a professor

Phil Wolff, a professor in Emory’s psychology department, recently co-wrote an article for Nature Partner Journal (NPJ) describing research that was made possible, in part, due to a collaboration with the LITS AWS at Emory team. Phil’s research involves a machine learning approach to predicting psychosis using semantic density and latent content analysis. The article […]

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New cell phone booth in the Woodruff Library

We have a new cell phone booth (also called a soundproof office pod or Zenbooth) installed in the Woodruff level 2 staff area close to room 208E. This is a pilot experience, to assess the value of these semi-private phone booths in open work areas. Hopefully, an exciting addition to our space! Inside the booth […]

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Operations & Access Services: Our story

You may have heard the name “Operations & Access Services” but do you know who we are? Do you know what we do? July 15 was the one-year anniversary since this department re-organized under Access Services and changed its name from Security to Operations & Access Services. Our mission is to provide the Emory community […]

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InfoForum survey: Please tell us how we did

This past school year, Campus and Community Relations (CCR) hosted a newly refurbished version of the InfoForum. Now we’d like to gather your feedback to help us plan for next year. Please take our short survey at: As background, the InfoForum has typically been for Emory Libraries’ departments to inform their Library colleagues about library […]

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Closer to the Cloud: A Cloud Infrastructure Migration Planning project update

A lot has been happening with the CIMP project, so we wanted to give you an update on how the cloud migration planning is progressing.  As a refresher, in this project, we are working on a plan for how we would approach, organize, and prepare for a migration of our data center infrastructure to the cloud, specifically […]

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Key things to note about using the new travel management partner

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) is the recently-announced new travel management partner for Emory. CTM can be reached using the following methods: For Agent assisted travel, call 877-289-4627 or email emory [at] travelctm [dot] com For CTM technical support, call 877-208-1396 or email na_online [at] travelctm [dot] com Travel Profile Set up your Travel profile using the Quick […]

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