For Potential Research Assistants

For Potential Research Assistants

We are currently NOT seeking volunteer research assistants to join the lab. Please check back for future opportunities. (updated May 2024)

Research assistants play a crucial role in all stages of the research process. Responsibilities may include recruiting and testing study participants (children, adolescents, and adults), helping prepare experimental stimuli or scripts, and helping to analyze and interpret the data that is collected. Research assistants are expected to engage intellectually with the research and to work on gaining an array of skills (e.g., working with human participants, coding, computational modeling, analyzing behavioral and neuroimaging data, reading and thinking about scientific literature, etc.). Read more information about our lab culture and expectations hereWe do not expect research assistants to have prior experience working in a lab.

Due to the time required to train new lab members, we ask that prospective research assistants commit to working in the lab at least 10 hours per week for at least two semesters. We will work with research assistants to identify avenues for academic credit or potential sources of funding to support their involvement in the lab. 

After you fill out this form, please send an email to lumenlab [at] emory [dot] edu with your resume/CV and your unofficial transcript. Please also let us know if you have any questions! The number of open research assistant positions varies each semester.