Lab News

Lab News

September 2023

Sophia Martin (L) and Sagarika Devarayapuram Ramakrishnan (R) were at the 2023 FLUX Society Congress in Santa Rosa, California. Sagarika presented a poster with preliminary findings from her ongoing research on “Intergenerational Transmission of Emotional Memories in Parent-Teen Dyads.”

August 2023

The LUMeN Lab’s first doctoral student joined us. Meet Rohini Kumar!

Our newest undergraduate research assistant, Vivian Yang, joined the lab!

June 2023

Lab Manager Sophia Martin joined the LUMeN Lab. Welcome to the lab, Sophia!

May 2023

John Wang, an undergraduate research assistant, joined the lab. Welcome, John!

March 2023

Congratulations to Katie Oshins for acceptance into the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program here at Emory University! Undergraduate research fellows in this program have the opportunity to conduct full-time independent research for ten weeks in the summer under the direction of a faculty mentor.

February 2023

Congratulations to Sagarika Devarayapuram Ramakrishnan for being recognized as runner-up for Best Presentation in Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Aging Research at the 2023 Georgia State University Aging Research Conference! Her presentation,“Younger and Older Adults’ Memory of COVID-19 Worry,” is an extension of her undergraduate honors thesis work under Dr. Sarah Barber at Georgia State University.

January 2023

Welcome to our newest undergraduate research assistant, Vanessa Wang!

December 2022

Vishva Patel, our first graduate research assistant, joined the lab!

September 2022

Our first undergraduate research assistants joined the lab. Welcome to the team, Katie Oshins (right) and Brooke Holsinger (left)!


Congratulations to Dr. Cohen for being elected to the Memory Disorders Research Society (MDRS)!

August 2022

Lab Manager Sagarika Devarayapuram Ramakrishnan joined the LUMeN Lab. Welcome to the lab, Saga!

The LUMeN Lab is established at Emory!