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Caring for Collections: Accessioning and the Kathleen Cleaver papers

Accessioning Archvisit Meaghan O’Riordian talks about accessioning and the Kathleen Cleaver Papers. Here at the Rose Library, we are committed to providing access to new collections we acquire as soon as possible. In archives jargon, this is known as “accessioning as processing.” Accessioning is:   …a rich hybrid of pre- and post-custodial work that requires physical, intellectual, and emotional labor….

The Panther and The Pig – The Black Panther Party and the Art of Political Communication

Shelly Asquith In October 2019, Shelly Asquith, a postgraduate student at the University of Leeds, conducted research as a Rose Library fellow, funded by the J. Herman Blake and Emily L. Moore Award for research in the Black Panther Party collections. I would like to thank the Rose library workers who were so accommodating, professional and generous…