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John Biggers working on sketches for murals.

Realism, Symbolism, and Identity: The John Biggers Papers

In the late 1990s, as the long career of painter, sculptor, and university professor John Biggers was drawing to a close, the artist received letters from admirers commenting on his life’s work. A native of Gastonia, North Carolina, Biggers spent...

Langston Hughes' reply to Bond's questionnaire

Horace Mann and Julia W. Bond family papers

  When people think about doing research in an archive, they often think about historians and biographers. Though many of the scholars conducting research in archival collections are in humanities disciplines, archives can be invaluable to scholars in fields such...

Morgan Monroe researches her undergraduate honors thesis "Mixed Messages: An Analysis of Correspondence and Representations of Josephine Baker."

Letters as a Lens

  Archival research is akin to poking through someone’s bedroom while they are gone, or reading someone’s diary without their permission.  At first, it seems that you are violating the space of another individual.  There is no way for them...

Rebecca Ranson giving and interview, no date.

The Personal Journey of Brownie Broadway

In 1990, on the occasion of playwright Rebecca Ranson‘s forty-seventh birthday, the writer and poet delivered a public performance in Atlanta while in character as her alter ego, Brownie Broadway. The dialogue, performed with call-and-response audience participation, recounted the most...