OER for teacher Educators

I was somewhat familiar with OER before this class.  I have heard a lot about online MOOCs but I was not using OERs.  I found one specific OER that I felt would be especially valuable for teacher educators and that was the “Open Education Consortium”http://www.oeconsortium.org/courses/ as this site offered access to a variety of information that related to education based on various fields. I think that OERs will be especially useful for the following reasons: they offer and opportunity to prepare students for the course or to introduce students who are behind to new material; OERs also can provide entire lessons if they are fitting for the topic that week; OERs allow students to learn from various instructors who will likely differ in their approach and goals which consequently exposes students to more information. I have not given much thought to the constraints of copyright when delivering content but this module has pushed me to think more critically about my intellectual property especially when classes/lessons are recorded…

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  1. Wow, I never thought of using it for students who are behind on material. I think that is such a great idea!!! Thanks for inspiring me to a use of OERs that I never thought of before.

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