Where to find the active F32 funding announcements

Make sure you have the most current NIH grants information and funding announcements by going to the NIH GRANTS & FUNDING website.

To find the current F32 Program Announcements –

  • Click on the ‘Funding’ tab
  • Select the ‘Research Training and Career Development Programs’
  • From the menu on the right, select the ‘Fellowship Kiosk’
  • Under the F32 options, click ‘View Current Funding Opportunities’

A few points to remember –

  • A Google search of F32 funding announcements may not bring up the current/active program announcements. Make sure you use the site above to fund the correct program announcement
  • Once you open the funding announcement, make sure that the NIH Institute/Center you want to apply to is listed as participating. If a particular Institute/Center is not listed, you can not use the program announcement to apply for the F32.
  • All Institutes/Centers have their own rules and preferences for the F32. You are encouraged to contact the specific Institute/Center to confirm you are eligible, and that it’s the right mechanism for you. 

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