Summer Reading No. 3: Emily Miles

This week, Pitts left the library to consult Candler Admissions Advisor, Emily Miles for her top summer reading resources! A Candler alum herself, Emily helps recruit students to Emory’s School of Theology, assisting students and families through the application process, explaining potential career paths for each concentration and degree program, and providing information about financial aid options.

One book that Emily discovered in seminary and has since read several times is With Head and Heart: The Autobiography of Howard Thurman (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1979). She explains that “This autobiography not only gives the powerful history of the life and works of Thurman, but also provides readers with an opportunity to connect to their own minds, spirits, and hearts. The way Thurman recounts his life makes every moment, every encounter, every life event seem crucially important. From his relationships, to books he read, to letters he mailed to his special connection to an old oak tree, Howard Thurman is a man that pays attention to life’s details, appreciating the various circumstances that have led to his success. This book has changed the way I think about the doctrine of hope and how I now practice my faith. It has pushed me to see myself in a new light and to discover that there is a whole world inside of me just waiting to be uncovered.” Grab a copy of Thurman’s autobiography for yourself at Emory Libraries or a library near you!

Another book that comes highly recommended from Emily is Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement by Tarana Burke (London: Headline, 2022). This New York Times Bestseller is a memoir of Tarana Burkes’ own journey in the “me too” movement. Emily notes that “Tarana’s words are raw and powerful. She shares honestly and openly about her own struggles with sexual assault and shame and guides readers to one of her biggest realizations: we can only love others if we love ourselves. If you want an inspirational book to read this summer, it is this one!” Interested? Check out a copy from Emory Libraries, or your local lending institution


If you are looking for a podcast and are interested in the practice and philosophy of yoga, Emily encourages you to check out the “Let’s Talk Yoga” podcast by Arundhati! Arundhati is an immigrant yoga teacher that talks about topics such as cultural appropriation, teaching skills, and how to merge yoga with business. The conversations you will find on this podcast are intended to educate listeners on the roots and history of yoga and how to practically honor that history today. This podcast has made Emily a more conscious consumer in the yoga world and “certainly a more responsible and informed teacher for [her] students!” 

Emily’s final recommendation comes from the wellness platform, Peloton! While Peloton is probably best known for its stationary bike equipment and classes, it offers much more, including a new podcast called “Fitness Flipped.” This podcast literally “flips the script” on what we think we know about fitness and helps listeners connect their minds to their bodies. Topics of these podcasts include body image, rest, endurance, and so much more! “What is even better,” Emily explains, “is that they incorporate a bit of coaching so you can train while you listen to these wonderful episodes! Most of the episodes are 10-30 minutes and length and great for a short lunch time walk (ps. you can get a Peloton membership free for your first month!).” 

Need more recommendations? Tune in next week for some highlights in the digital scholarship world from Head of Digital Initiatives and Technology, Spencer Roberts!