About PM4DH

ECDS Logo6 smallProject Management for the Digital Humanities is a site developed by the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship. ECDS worked with the Emory Libraries and Information Technology Services Project Management Office to develop this curriculum for managing digital projects in academic libraries and other settings in service to the global digital scholarship community. We hope that this curriculum, and the resources that we have gathered here, will help you and your organization get started on your own exciting digital projects.

The content herein is organized by our understanding of the digital project lifecycle, and there are multiple topics associated with each stage. On a topic page, you will find a rough outline of the actions and considerations to be taken for your digital project, as well as some web resources that elaborate upon those items. You will also find some sample documentation. We have included documentation that our project management office (PMO) uses for their large software development projects (labeled PMO), documentation that they adapted for a PM Lite curriculum (labeled PML), and some ECDS-specific templates (labeled ECDS).  Some materials have been adapted from the lectures and presentations shared on the website Development for the Digital Humanities.

The five stages of the digital project lifecycle are proposal, initiation, planning, execution, and closing, each detailed within its own unit.  You may jump to individual lessons using the navigation bar at the top of each page, or you may click through sequentially using the buttons at the bottom of each lesson.  Finally, in the public-facing and collaborative spirit of the digital humanities, we invite you to use the Contact Us page to share any additional resources or experiences that you think may contribute to the development of this site.


Stephanie Rodgers: project coordination, research, curriculum, and resource-gathering
Alan G. Pike: curriculum, project coordination
Anandi Salinas: site design and development
Wayne Morse

Keith Foster
Haniya Vaid
Tiffany Miles
Felicia Bianchi