Stefan Lutz on “Scholarly Misconduct in the Physical and Life Sciences”

March 20 @ 2:30-4, location TBA

Studies show a significant percentage of researchers engaging in, what at best can be considered, questionable behavior; “cooking” or deliberately misinterpreting data to fit their hypotheses, unfairly assigning authorship credits, “borrowing” other scientists’ ideas etc. Proper ethical standards have become an important aspect of our work in the research laboratory, yet where do we draw the line between innocent mistakes, negligence and deliberate misconduct? We use a series of case studies to discuss everyday situations that might raise questions about ethical behavior; present ideas on how to address these concerns in constructive ways, and learn about resources available to guide and advise us on these issues.

Target audience: Natural/Biological/Biomedical Science Students

Format: Training exercise. After a short introduction, the session will focus on case studies.

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