Other Research Labs

Bauer Memory Development Lab

Behavioral Genetics of Addiction Lab

Bioacoustics Lab


Center for Neuropolicy

Center for Prenatal Assessment and Human Development

Child and Adolescent Mood Program 

Children’s and Mothers’ Emotions Lab

Cognition Mining Lab

Comparative Social Neuroscience Lab

Dilks Lab

Emory Mental Health and Development Program

Emotion Cognition and Computation Lab

Family Narratives Lab

Hamann Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Hews Lab

Human Performance Lab

Lab for Interdisciplinary Study of Social Behavior

Lab of Primate Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

Labratory of Comparative Primate Cognition

Maney Lab

Manns Lab

Mathematical and Computational Behavioral Analysis Lab

Morality and Development Lab

Personality and Psychopathology

Speech and Language Perception Lab

The Emory Spatial Cognition Laboratory


Visual and Comparative Neuroscience Laboratory 

Waldman Lab