EVERSON RESEARCH GROUP - Investigating the Molecular Links Between Early Life Exposures and Children's Health Outcomes

Postdoc Positions Available

We are seeking post-doctoral fellows to assist with NIH-funded research projects involving:

  1. Identifying epigenetic predictors of children’s developmental impairments in a sample of infants that were born very preterm.
  2. Examining epigenetic and developmental trajectories across childhood.
  3. Participate in multi-site studies with the NIH Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) program.
  4. Testing the impacts of prenatal PFAS exposures on the placental multi-omics.
  5. Examining whether perturbations to placental multi-omics are associated with growth trajectories and metabolic programming.

Full job description here:

Apply here: https://faculty-emory.icims.com/jobs/74567/job

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