EVERSON RESEARCH GROUP - Investigating the Molecular Links Between Early Life Exposures and Children's Health Outcomes

Training Opportunities

Our research group consists of a multidisciplinary team of students (Masters and Doctoral) and postdoctoral fellows that work closely with other trainees and with staff and faculty.

Masters Student Opportunities:

I welcome graduate students to contribute to this research program, and I encourage interested students to reach out regarding thesis and capstone project opportunities. Thesis projects will require coding skill in R, and thus interested students should be able to demonstrate some proficiency with R or complete courses to build this skill prior to the final year of their Masters program. If interested, please email Dr. Everson and attach a current resume or CV.

Doctoral Student Opportunities:

I accept Doctoral students that are enrolled in Environmental Health, Epidemiology, or Genetics and Molecular Biology graduate programs. Students that are interested in rotation projects or joining the research group should contact Dr. Everson and schedule a meeting to discuss their interests and availability. Doctoral research projects will be focused on data analysis, and thus students must be proficient with R. While not absolutely necessary, coursework in epidemiology and prior experience with microarray or sequencing data is helpful.

Postdoctoral Positions:

I am currently looking for two postdoctoral fellows. These positions will involve the following types of projects, so experience and interest in one or more of these areas is necessary:

  1. Processing and analyzing repeated measures of DNA methylation microarrays
  2. Trajectories of DNA methylation and developmental characteristics in early-to-mid childhood
  3. Predictive modeling for developmental outcomes
  4. Placental multi-omics associated with prenatal PFAS
  5. Postnatal growth trajectories
  6. Opportunities to contribute to NIH’s ECHO Project

The full job description is posted here:

Postdoctoral candidates that are interested in joining this research program should reach out to Dr. Everson with a brief letter of interest and an up-to-date CV. If you are still finishing a doctoral program, please include information about your expected graduation date. Formal applications will need to be submitted here:


Contact Information:

Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health

Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

1518 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30322

Office: CNR 2025

Email: Todd.M.Everson@Emory.edu