Atlantic Station: Going Forward

New Urbanism:

New Urbanism aims at creating a self sufficient neighborhood where everything one would need is in walkable distance of each other. The urbanist movement overlaps with “Smart Growth Planning” which was also used in conceiving Atlantic Station. The goal of a Smart Growth Plan is to reduce urban sprawl, where a city is spread out and un-walkable, creating a reliance on automobiles which cause pollution and congestion.

Urban sprawl is a big issue which Atlanta faces today. Anyone who lives in Atlanta can tell you about the horrible traffic. By creating a new urbanist society, developers hoped Atlantic Station would help begin to put an end to this problem and influence other potential developments in Atlanta to follow in its footsteps.

New Urbanist Qualities Include: Walkability, Connectivity,  Mixed-Use, high density of people, Sustainability,  and the importance of open public space

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