Atlantic Station: Going Forward

Brownfield Project

Brownfield Projects involve transitioning a used property into something else. Whereas a “Greenfield Project” builds on unused land, brownfield Projects are often built on contaminated land with the goal of cleaning it up and making it useable. Creating a project on a polluted property obviously has more limitations than starting from scratch. In the case of Atlantic Station, the Environmental Protection Agency got involved to  create a Green Star Plan to ensure that not only would the property be cleaned up, but that it would be green  and sustainable going forward.All aspects of concern were addressed-land, air and water.

  • they made sure to recycle 132,000 tons of concrete
  • Almost all buildings on the complex are LED certified with insulated roofs and double paned windows
  • included the first large scale offices in America to be constructed solely of timber which leaves a smaller carbon footprint than steel
  • aimed to create walkable society to encourage a shift away from vehicle dependency

Atlantic Station’s history of pollution played a huge role in creating the plan for Atlantic Station.

LED certified BB&T building in Atlantic Station
LED certified BB&T building in Atlantic Station


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