Atlantic Station: Going Forward


Atlantic Station was built on the abandoned Atlantic Steel Mill.  The Atlantic Steel Company was founded in 1901, as the “Atlanta Steel Hoop Company” in the Antebellum South – a period of expanded agriculture, commerce and industrialization. This was especially true of Atlanta which was labeled the “industrial heart of the confederacy” due to its various locational and geographical assets which allowed it to grow an abundance of cotton and pine. The rise in the cotton industries gave rise for the need of a local steel mill to bail and package this cotton.

The company continuously expanded their product line to to meet the growing demand for steel in other uses. Their slogan became “nothing is made without steel”.  The company supplied steel to build the southern railroad and even provided steel to be used in both world wars.

At its peak in the 1950s, it was one of the largest southern steel manufacturers:                                                                                                                  -producing over 750,000 tons of steel annually                                                    –employing over 2,000 people                                                                                     -covering over 200 acres of land. 

The company began to seize operations in 1989 due to intensified competition until it was completely abandoned.

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