Holiday Patents—Really?

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It’s the holiday season and what better way to poke a little fun at an important part of our profession—patents. Here are five of our favorite interesting, unique but certainly creative.

Here are some of our favorites. Feel free to tweet at us (@EmoryOTT) with some of yours.

1. “Underwater Christmas Tree”. US4130161A

Abstract: An underwater Christmas tree for controlling flow from an offshore well is disclosed as having a master valve which is controlled by fluid pressure within a flow-line extending from a production bore of the tree, and means for receiving and releasably retaining a TFL tool in the production bore intermediate the location at which control pressure is sensed and the intersection of the production bore with an auxiliary bore of the tree through which wireline tools are run. Since the TFL tool limits flow therepast, flowline pressure may be maintained at a level necessary to maintain the master valve open independently of fluid pressure within the auxiliary bore.

Why it’s interesting: An “alternative” type of Christmas tree that most people are not familiar with!

2. “Christmas tree ornament and decoration device”. US3752407A

Why it’s interesting:

  1. A device for the meticulous but generally unskilled Christmas tree decorator.
  2. Actual text in the patent: “Many persons who display no particular artistic aptitude throughout the remainder of the year probably consider themselves very skilled at decorating a Christmas tree, and are irritated and unsatisfied unless the tree decoration is nearly perfect, both to add artistic beauty to the tree and to effectively conceal irregularities and other imperfections of the tree itself.”
  3. From Atlanta!

3. “Santa Claus Detector”. US5523741A

Abstract: A children’s Christmas Stocking device useful for visually signalling the arrival of Santa Claus by illuminating an externally visable light source having a power source located within said device.

Why it’s interesting: A safe but effective tripwire hidden in the form of a Christmas ribbon that Santa inadvertently activates upon his chimney arrival. Ensures that no one misses that most critical arrival of Santa (and presents)!

The whole setup:

4 “Christmas-Themed Search and Find Game” US20170001103A1

Background: Techniques are known for implementing games of risk, chance and skill. For the case of games that involve finding a hidden object, it is known to have an object hidden within a printed image and a player is tasked with finding the object. There exists a need to further improve the manner in which such games are played and to provide for more challenging constraints on each player. Other games could further benefit from a solution to this need.

Why it’s interesting: Christmas game or added family stress? Holiday family included as indicated?

Take extra care to avoid those lumps of coal!

5. “Christmas tree watering device” US6082043A

Description: FIG. 1 is a side elevational view of the Christmas tree watering system of the present invention, and shows an ornament in the shape of a head of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with the top portion of the head rotated about a hinge so that liquid can be poured into the mouth of the head and shows tubing leading to the container for conducting the liquid poured into the mouth of the reindeer head shaped ornament into a container holding the base of the Christmas tree.

Hidden bonus: Presence of said Reindeer keeps your dogs away from the tree and out of reindeer territory, saving countless ornaments and “Christmas tree flavored” watering bowls.