The Hatchery offers space for student entrepreneurs to innovate

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“Entrepreneurship” has become a buzzword in popular culture. Look no further than the 40% of Americans who’ve started a side hustle, or to the popular show Shark Tank, in which start-up businesses seek investors and get feedback. At Emory, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, and there are dozens of resources for the campus community to use – even beyond the business school.

One of the largest facilitators of entrepreneurship at Emory is in The Hatchery, Center of Innovation. The Hatchery supports student innovators and entrepreneurs from all Emory schools and covers all stages of innovation, from inspiration and learning to projects and startups.

“We help students, staff, and faculty to learn and apply foundational innovation and entrepreneurship skills to build and scale successful initiatives, companies, and nonprofits,” said Dr. Shannon Clute, Director of The Hatchery.

By the numbers, The Hatchery has had:

  • 5,324 program participants
  • 261 ventures supported
  • 27 ventures launched

The offerings at The Hatchery are varied and extensive, including courses and training on innovation and entrepreneurship skills, harnessing creativity, building diverse teams, interdisciplinary thinking, human-centered design, and more. Additionally, The Hatchery hosts podcasts – like Emory Innovators and Might Could: Stories of Innovation in the ATL – to share insights from industry and non-profit thought leaders. The Hatchery also provides student venture support, with material and financial support for projects and start-ups alongside personalized coaching and mentoring.

Two women sit in an open, colorful industrial space. One woman is on a blue couch with a laptop, and the other sits on a swing with her back facing the camera.

Emory University opened the Hatchery workspace at Emory Point to help promote innovative thinking and discovery among its students. The facility is located across from the CDC at The Point in Atlanta, GA. Stephen Nowland/Emory University

The Hatchery has two programming tracks: The Hatchery Skills Builder and The Hatchery Incubator.

  • The Hatchery Skills Builder is a great place to get started if you have a general interest in innovation or entrepreneurship (I/E), a big idea you want to explore, or just want to learn new I/E skills you can apply in the future.
  • The Hatchery Incubator is designed for those further along in their entrepreneurial journey. Every month, you can advance your venture with a regular cadence of learning, testing, iterating, and micro-funding to build the next prototype or run the next test.

Even The Hatchery’s physical space fosters entrepreneurship: It’s a modern facility reminiscent of GoogleX or WeWork. It’s dynamic, responsive, and provides a drop-in working space, makerspace with materials for prototyping (including a 3D printer), and collaboration and meeting rooms with whiteboards and AV equipment.

Also, noted Clute, “The Hatchery offers event and teaching space for student-focused innovation and entrepreneurship programs — free of charge — to support the broader I/E ecosystem.”

Some success stories from the Hatchery include groundbreaking research conducted by Oxford students at Emory’s Hatchery that led to the development of a biodegradable surgical mask prototype and a program to promote learning among young children in underserved communities.

Your big dreams and ideas can have a positive impact on the world. At The Hatchery, you’ll go beyond the books to gain real-life innovation and entrepreneurship skills that will benefit you long after graduation.