WHSC Library Furniture Refresh, New Study Pods

study pod seating. a blue chair with a white swing-arm desk and privacy dividersThe upper level of the WHSC Library has recently updated its furniture including individual study pods and booths, six of each. The new pods offer natural lighting and power outlets are available in each of the new booths. The new furniture can be found in the back-right corner of the quiet study floor. This furniture replaces book stacks where previous materials have been either consolidated or moved to the off-site Library Service Center.

Neither the study pods nor booths offer sound proofing, so users are advised not to use these spaces for phone calls or zoom meetings. Spaces are currently for use as first available so there is no need to reserve in advance.

A new ADA-compliant study booth is also being installed on the plaza level of the library, near the base of the grand staircase, that will accommodate up to four users. Availability of this space is pending delivery of replacement components but is expected to be complete during the Spring Semester.

For questions about these or other WHSC Library Spaces please email Ask-A-Librarian or contact our Information Desk at 404-727-8727.