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Keep on Truckin’: The Raymond Danowski and John Martin Collection of R. Crumb Material

Keep On Truckin’ Poster, R. Crumb, 1967   Share Related Story: MARBL Stories: Raymond Danowski Related Links:  R. Crumb Finding Aid The Raymond Danowski Poetry Library  Join the discussion The Raymond Danowski and John Martin collection of R. Crumb material is a new addition to the manuscripts at MARBL and has recently been fully processed….

Newsweek: A Reflection

In October 2012, Newsweek announced that it would be ending its print publication and transitioning to an all-digital format by year’s end. The announcement occasioned yet another round of hand-wringing by media watchers, but little real surprise. Once a fixture in American households, the venerable newsweekly had struggled to find its footing in the digital…