New library research guides to make your projects and papers successful

Emory’s subject librarians create research guides to organize course and subject-specific materials, curate library resources, and share research information to help students flourish in their studies and faculty in their teaching. Browse the many library guides on a variety of subjects, topics, and courses and use them to discover recommended resources for your major, to learn strategies for conducting research, or to get help with a particular class assignment.

In addition, we draw your attention to these new and timely research guides below: 

Hip Hop 50th Anniversary Guide 

Words that read, Hip hop turns 50 imageThis guide addresses hip hop and rap in relation to music, culture, literature, and race and compiles scholarship and journalism celebrating the 50th anniversary of the beginning of hip hop in 2023. The guide also includes information on how to find recordings and documentaries, sources of background information, links to books and e-books, databases for finding articles, and links to hip hop archival collections at Emory and other institutions.

Planning for Spring 2024 Classes

This guide provides faculty with links and suggestions for incorporating library resources into courses. Topics covered include: placing requests for new purchases; working effectively with books, e-books, and journal articles; navigating AV media options; and using open educational resources (OER).

The Middle East and Islamic Studies Collection

This guide highlights Emory Libraries collections that supports research, teaching, and learning for the programs of the Department of Middle East and Islamic Studies with focus on archaeology, anthropology, gender studies, history, linguistics, literature, and religion. The collection specializes in materials in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu as well as in European languages, primarily English and French.

Jewish Studies Research Guide

Opening pages of a unique prayerbook, the Abraham Alexander Bar Yosef Rafael, Seder Haṭefilot L’Rosh Hashanah veYom Kippur Keminhag K”K [Kahal Kadosh] Sefardim (B’K”K Tsharleston South Carolina, 5565

Opening pages of a unique prayerbook, the Abraham Alexander Bar Yosef Rafael, Seder Haṭefilot L’Rosh Hashanah veYom Kippur Keminhag K”K [Kahal Kadosh] Sefardim (B’K”K Tsharleston South Carolina, 5565)

The Jewish Studies Research Guide helps orient readers in Emory University’s rich and diverse collection of items pertaining to the study of the Jewish diaspora and Israel (past and present). It describes Jewish studies-related published and archival resources in Woodruff, Rose, or Pitts libraries, also highlighting notable items in each collection. The Jewish Studies Research Guide is also home to the Judaica Journal, the Jewish Studies Library Newsletter at Emory University published twice a year.

AI guide

Emory Libraries aims to support and align with the university as it develops a new cadre of scholars in the field of artificial intelligence across a spectrum of fields, with a distinct focus on the ethical and moral implications of these technologies. This guide provides tips and guides researchers in using AI and machine learning resources, highlights the works of the AI.Humanity scholars as well as existing research here at Emory, spotlights ethical and social justice themes in artificial intelligence, and more.

Fiction in Translation: International Writers and Underrepresented Perspectives at EmoryOverlapping Pattern of colorful circle

This guide will introduce you to well-known fiction writers from around the world who have been translated into English in our collection. A special focus has been placed on highlighting authors who bring an underrepresented perspective to their literary contexts. This includes writers from racial, ethnic, and indigenous minority backgrounds as well as sexual and gender minorities. It also includes those authors who are known for their experimentation in form and genre.

Policing & Incarceration

This guide provides suggested books/e-books, recommended databases, and web resources to research police brutality and grapple with the disturbing incidents we have all witnessed.


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