Book Display of Emory’s Area Studies Faculty Publications

The International Area Studies librarians at Emory ‘s Woodruff Library, in collaboration with the Library’s Exhibit Team, have curated a special book display showcasing Emory faculty’s scholarly achievements in addressing global and cultural issues, as well as the challenges across different regions.  The Book Display is artistically exhibited in two alcoves near the entrance to the Robert W Woodruff Library.screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2_opt

Publications in our Display come from distinguished faculty throughout the Emory campus in diverse disciplines, including African Studies, Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Middle East Studies, Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies and South Asian Studies.

These published books also reflect the commitment and contributions of our librarians to supporting faculty research and teaching and advancing the mission of Emory University.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2_opt1To support faculty excellence we have developed rich library collections in the format of books, journals, newspapers both in print and electronic, and online databases in a range of different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Persian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Russian, etc.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2_opt2We are grateful to faculty who constantly reminds us of the value of our service to their success, as one stated, “Thank you!  I couldn’t do it without the great support you and your colleagues provide!”  (quoted from Prof. Tonio Andrade of History Dept.)

African Studies Faculty Publications on Display -List by Phil MacLeod

  1. White supremacy and Black resistance in pre-industrial South Africa : the making of the colonial order in the Eastern Cape, 1770-1865 by Clifton C Crais
  2. Breaking the chains : slavery and its legacy in the nineteenth-century Cape Colony edited by Nigel Worden and Clifton C Crais
  3. History lessons : a memoir of madness, memory, and the brain by Clifton C. Crais
  4. Slavery and the birth of an African city : Lagos, 1760-1900 by Kristin Mann
  5. Marrying well : marriage, status, and social change among the educated elite in colonial Lagos by Kristin Mann
  6. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by Pamela Scull
  7. Liberating the family? : gender and British slave emancipation in the rural Western Cape, South Africa, 1823-1853 by Pamela Scully
  8. Senufo unbound : dynamics of art and identity in West Africa by Susan Elizabeth Gagliard
  9. Economic and political reform in Africa : anthropological perspectives by Peter D. Little
  10. Somalia : economy without state by Peter D Little
  11. The elusive granary : herder, farmer, and state in northern Kenya by Peter D Little
  12. The migrant text : making and marketing a global French literature by Subha Xavier

Chinese Faculty Publications on Display – List by Guo-hua Wang

  1. Lost Colony by Tonio Andrade
  2. The Gunpowder Age by Tonio Andrade
  3. How Taiwan Became Chinese by Tonio Andrade
  4. Chinese Translation: 福尔摩沙如何变成台湾府 by Tonio Andrade
  5. Chinese Translation: 1661, 决战热兰遮by Tonio Andrade
  6. Chinese Translation: 欧洲与中国的第一场战争:决战热兰遮 by Tonio Andrade
  7. The Subject in Crisis in contemporary Chinese Literature by Rong Cai
  8. Chinese Translation: 为何要信 by Hsu-Te Cheng
  9. A Landscape of Travel by Jenny Chio
  10. The Politics of uneven Development by Richard F. Doner
  11. Ecofamilism: Women, Religion, and Environmental Protection in Taiwan by Wan-Li Ho
  12. Buddhist and Christian responses to the Kowtow Problem in China Eric Reinders
  13. The Moral Narratives of Hayao Miyazaki Eric Reinders
  14. Legal Orientalism by Teemu Ruskola

Japanese Faculty Publications on Display – List by Lawrence Hamblin

  1. Bullock, Julia C. The other women’s lib: gender and body in Japanese women’s fiction
  2. Crowley, Cheryl A. Haikai poet Yosa Buson and the Bashō revival
  3. Kim, Sun-Chul. Democratization and social movements in South Korea: defiant institutionalization
  4. Ravina, Mark. Land and lordship in early modern Japan
  5. Ravina, Mark. The last samurai: the life and battles of Saigō Takamori
  6. Reinders, Eric. The moral narratives of Hayao Miyazaki

Middle Eastern Studies (Israel) and Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Faculty Publications on Display- List by Tarina Rosen

  1. Every living thing: daily use of animals in ancient Israel by Oded Borowski
  2. Daily life in biblical times by Oded Borowski
  3. Lahav III: the iron age II cemetery at Tell Halif by Oded Borowski
  4. Ulai Mabat aher: klasiut modernit u-modernizm klasil be-shirat le’ah Goldberg by Ofra Yeglin
  5. Shire ahavah ve-zahav: ha-sonetot shel le’ah Goldberg by Ofra Yeglin
  6. Ḥarasim she-en lahem menuḥah : li-meḳorotaṿ ha-piyuṭiyim shel Aba Ḳovner = Restless shards : the sources of Abba Kovner’s poetics by Ofra Yeglin
  7. Mayakovsky’s cubo-futurist vision by Juliette R. Stapanian
  8. Art after philosophy: Boris Pasternak’s early prose by Elena Glazov-Corrigan
  9. Podskazano Dantom: o poetike I poezii Mandel’shtama by Elena Glazov-Corrigan
  10. Mandel’shtam’s poetics : a challenge to postmodernism by Elena Glazov-Corrigan
  11. Stalin’s railroad: turksib and the building of socialism by Matthew J. Payne
  12. Creating the empress politics and poetry in the age of Catherine II by V. IU Proskurina
  13. The politics of inequality in Russia by Thomas F. Remington
  14. Presidential decrees in Russia: a comparative perspective by Thomas F. Remington
  15. The Russian Parliament: institutional evolution in a transitional regime, 1989-1999 by Thomas F. Remington
  16. Learning to choose: electoral politics in East-Central Europe by Hubert Tworzecki
  17. Kleikie listochki: mysli vrazbros I vopreki by Mikhail Epstein
  18. Ot sovka k bobku: politika na grani groteska by Mikhail Epstein
  19. Ot znaniia k tvorchestvu by Mikhail Epstein.
  20. Poeziia I sverkhpoeziia by Mikhail Epstein.
  21. Transformative humanities : a manifesto by Mikhail Epstein.
  22. After the future by Mikhail Epstein.
  23. Cries in the wilderness by Mikhail Epstein.
  24. PreDictionary : an exploration of blank spaces in language by Mikhail Epstein.

Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Faculty Publications on Display – List by Hikmat Faraj

  1. On the High Road: The History of Godin Tepe, Iran by Gopnik, Hilary and Mitchell S. Rothman.
  2. Voices of Islam (5 vol. set) by Vincent J. Cornell
  3. Realm of the Saint: Power and Authority in Moroccan Sufism by Vincent J. Cornell
  4. The Way of Abu Madyan by Vincent J. Cornell
  5. Farhang Moaser One-volume Millinium English-Persian Dictionary by Samei, Hossein et al.
  6. Early Sufi Women, Cornell, Rkia Elaroui (editor and translator).
  7. Mobilizing Islam: Religion, Activism and Political Change in Egypt by Carrie Rosefsky Wickham
  8. Muslim Brotherhood: Evolution of an Islamist Movement by Carrie Rosefsky Wickham
  9. Aden & the Indian Ocean Trade by Roxani Eleni Margariti
  10. Sabah Imuri by Allal Hajjam
  11. Law and Society in Islam by Devin J. Stewart
  12. In the House of War: Dutch Islam Observed by Sam Cherribi
  13. Homosexuality in Islam by Scott Alan Kugle
  14. Sufis & Saints’ Bodies: Mysticism, Corporeality, & Sacred Power in Islam by Scott Alan Kugle
  15. Living Out Islam: Voices of Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Muslims by Scott Alan Kugle
  16. Rebel Between Spirit and Law by by Scott Alan Kugle
  17. The Making of the Last Prophet by Gordon Newby
  18. A Concise Encyclopedia of Islam by Gordon Newby
  19. A History of the Jews of Arabia by Gordon Newby

South Asian Studies Faculty Publications on Display – List by Ellen Ambrosone

  1. Native Intelligence: Aesthetics, Politics, and Postcolonial Literature by Deepika Bahri
  2. Between the Lines: South Asians and Postcoloniality edited by Deepika Bahri and Mary Vasudeva
  3. Ganesa: Lord of Obstacles, Lord of Beginnings by Paul Courtright
  4. A Moment of Crisis: Jimmy Carter, the Power of a Peacemaker, and North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions by Marion Creekmore
  5. Everyday Hinduism by Joyce Flueckiger
  6. When the World Becomes Female: Possibilities of a South Indian Goddess by Joyce Flueckiger
  7. Rebranding Islam: Piety, Prosperity, and a Self-help Guru by James Hoesterey
  8. Christian Missions in the American Empire: Episcopalians in Northern Luzon, The Philippines, 1902-1946 by Arun Jones
  9. When Sun Meets Moon: Gender, Eros, and Ecstasy in Urdu Poetry by Scott Kugle
  10. Sufi Meditation and Contemplation: Timeless Wisdom from Mughal India edited by Scott Kugle; translated by Scott Kugle and Carl Ernst
  11. Coming of Age in Nineteenth Century India: The Girl-Child and the Art of Playfulness by Ruby Lal
  12. Domesticity and Power in the Early Mughal World by Ruby Lal
  13. Omniscience and the Rhetoric of Reason: Santaraksita and Kamalasila on Rationality, Argumentation, and Religious Authority by Sara McClintock
  14. The Svatantrika-Prasangika Distinction: What Difference Does a Difference Make? by Sara McClintock
  15. A History of Prejudice: Race, Caste and Difference in India and the United States by Gyanendra Pandey
  16. The Gyanendra Pandey Omnibus by Gyanendra Pandey
  17. Mixed Messages: Cultural and Genetic Inheritance in the Constitution of Human Society by Robert A. Paul
  18. The Story of Manu by Allasani Peddana and translated by Velcheru Narayana Rao and David Shulman
  19. Textures of Time: Writing History in South India, 1600-1800 by Velcheru Narayana Rao, David Shulman, and Sanjay Subrahmanyam

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