Armchair Space Travel

By Kristan Majors

This week the 2017 Atlanta Science Festival launches here on campus with astronaut Captain Mark Kelly.  In recognition of this, Emory’s librarians have compiled a list of science fiction about space travel and other worlds.

Emory faculty, students, and staff can check out any of the books from the Science Commons exhibit.  A few titles in the exhibit include:

Hugo & Nebula Award Winners:

NPR’s Science Fiction Picks:

To learn more about these books and others, explore the following sites:

  1. Nebula Awards – science fiction and fantasy books selected by Science Fiction Writers of America
  2. Hugo Awards – science fiction books selected by members of WorldCon and the World Science Fiction Society, including authors and fans
  3. NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books – A list compiled in 2011 by a survey of NPR audiences and titles selected by panel of experts including authors and editors
  4. NPR’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of 2016 – list compiled by NPR staff and critics

To check quickly if Emory libraries have other titles from these web sites, add Emory’s LibX plugin to your Chrome browser.

A special thank you to Erich Wendt and Chris Pollette for their time and assistance in compiling the titles for this book exhibit.

Credit: Images available from the NASA Commons

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