The Artists’ Books Showcase Expands with New Books, New Features

The Artists’ Books Showcase, a digital exhibition designed to draw attention to the extensive collection of over 500 artists’ books housed in the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Books Library, has grown to highlight 35 new books.

For example, one book is in the shape of a church and another book resembles a coffee cup. Several artists’ books have pages and paper comprised of unique materials: one book is made from pampas grass, and another is composed of recycled maps. These diverse books all have in common an unusual makeup or structure that challenges the traditional book form. Several of the books newly featured on the Showcase are one-of-a-kind and therefore unique to MARBL’s collection. Many more were produced in very limited quantities. The growth of The Artists’ Books Showcase reflects the growth of the artists’ books collection at Emory itself. To support the research and curiosity of students, teachers, and scholars, Librarian for English Sandra Still is continually on the lookout for more artists’ books that will build the library’s impressive holdings.

In addition to the recently featured books, The Artists’ Books Showcase also now offers three new original curatorial essays. Focused on artists’ books that represent or discuss trauma, the natural world, and animals, these essays direct library and Showcase visitors to areas of strength in the collection. The essay “Artists’ Books and the Natural World,” for example, highlights three of several artists’ books at Emory that raise awareness about modern day environmental issues and the importance of examining human impacts on ecological systems.

Powered by Omeka, The Artists’ Books Showcase is maintained with the support of subject librarians Kim Collins and Sandra Still and Research and Public Services Archivist Sara Logue. Catherine E. Doubler designed and built the project, and Woodruff Library Fellow Christina M. Colvin currently maintains it.

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