Congratulations to our Emory Libraries’ 2022 Atwood Undergraduate Research Award Recipients!

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We are very pleased to announce that Courtney Norteman, Lauren Oates, Cameron Obioha, Luiza Sobreira, and Mellisa Xie are this year’s recipients of the Emory Libraries’ Elizabeth Long Atwood Undergraduate Research Award. The Atwood Award recognizes Emory College undergraduates in all disciplines who use the Emory Libraries’ collections and research resources in their original papers, digital projects, or posters and who show evidence of critical analysis in their research skills. All Atwood submissions must have been completed for a class assignment within the past year.

Our spring 2022 Atwood Award recipients and their outstanding research projects are as follows:

Courtney Norteman, class of 2021 and graduating a year early in 2022, international studies major, received an Atwood Award for her chapter, “Repression or Progression: The Question of AI’s Impact on Political Crackdowns,” an excerpt from her Honors Thesis that was completed for her Political Science Honors course.

Lauren Oates, class of 2022, anthropology major, received an Honorable Mention for her paper, “Places of Permanent Precarity: An Examination of Palimpsest Landscapes in Dekalb County’s Constitution Lakes Park,” that she completed in ANT 385: Anthropology and the Environment/ANT 499: Senior Capstone.

Cameron Obioha, class of 2022, philosophy, politics, & law major, received an Honorable Mention for his paper, “The Parade Is Cancelled Due to Rain . . . Now Play the Blues Until It Stops: Revisiting Jazz Diplomacy During the Cold War,” an assignment for MUS 460W: Studies in Music History and Culture: Jazz and Society in the 1950s.

Luiza Sobreira, class of 2023, BBA major with a concentration in Strategy and Management Consulting and Marketing, received an Atwood Award for her paper, “British Women’s Reproductive Habits in the Georgian Era: From Courtship to Contraceptive Methods,” an assignment for History 411W: Jane Austen’s World.

Mellissa Xie, class of 2022, biology major, received an Atwood Award for her Honors Thesis, “Higher expression levels of MSL2 in D. virilis lead to histone locus binding that is not seen in other Drosophila species,” that she wrote for BIOL 495BW: Honors Research.

We hope that you will join us in congratulating these students!

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