Off-campus Access to Emory Digital Resources

Most of the electronic resources available through the Emory Libraries are restricted for use to the Emory community, or even just parts of the community, depending on the licensing restrictions.

LibKey Nomad is a FREE browser extension for Google Chrome that makes identifying resources and logging in to use them easier. Once it has been installed, an image pops up on pages for electronic articles that are available through Emory, as seen here.

If the extension determines we don’t have access, it will also check other locations and on Unpaywall, a FREE browser extension that searches a database of open-access repositories for availability.

Although LibKey Nomad is designed for Google Chrome, our tests indicate it should work with other web browsers based on the Chromium platform, which include Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi.

Here’s a short video that explains how to install the LibKey Nomad extension on your computer:

If you prefer to use the Firefox, Safari, or another browser that does not use Chromium, we have an access option for you as well. We have created a bookmarklet that you can use to gain access. It’s a script added to your bookmarks — it looks like a regular bookmark. When you’re on an electronic journal page and you need to log in, click on the bookmarklet, and the script will reload the page using Emory’s proxy.

The instructions for adding the proxy resolver bookmarklet are more in-depth, and our blog literally removes the code from the page, making an explanation here frustrating for everyone. To learn more, including a short video on installation, visit our guide to off-campus access.

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