Summer 2020 Emory EDGE Online Library Workshops

The Emory Libraries will be hosting a series of online skill-building workshops for undergraduates this summer. See our schedule for offerings that can help you develop your research, media literacy, and digital literacy skills to succeed here at Emory and in your future endeavors.

All workshops will have versions that you can attend live, as well as recordings that you can view on your own schedule.

Visit our events page to learn more and to register for workshops this summer. And to see slides, recordings, and related resources, visit our EDGE Workshops Guide.

Summer Workshop Schedule

See a PDF flyer of our schedule or view our offerings below – Summer 2020 Workshops PDF

Media Literacy Skills

  • Fact Checking Basics | June 3 & July 15
  • Digital Citizenship | June 24 & August 5

Digital Literacy Skills

  • Managing your online identity | June 10 & July 22
  • Algorithms and Search Skills | May 27 & July 8

Communication Skills

  • Digital Communication Skills | May 20 & June 29
  • Presentation Skills | June 17 & July 29

Advanced Research Skills

  • Managing Complex Projects | June 2 & July 16
  • Communicating Your Research | June 16 & July 30

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