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We hope you are staying safe, wherever you are. If you are missing Emory University campus, however, you can take a digital tour of Campus Public Art made through the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship‘s open source web-based  platform OpenTour Builder.

The tour stops included in the mobile and web-based tour highlight works of art that are accessible for the enjoyment and inspiration of members of the campus community and visitors.

Screenshot of Campus Public Art OpenTour featuring maps and tour description

Campus Public Art OpenTour

They include sculptures by nationally recognized artists in a variety of styles and media, and are situated throughout Emory University’s campus. Link to Campus Public Art tour: https://opentour.emory.edu/campus-tours/campus-public-art/

Screenshot of Campus Public Art OpenTour featuring maps and tour description.

There are 18 stops on the tour, and the following artworks include videos narrative by Emory community members:

  1. LeWitt, Sol (American painter and sculptor, 1928-2007). 2003. Tower One.
  2. Trakas, George (American sculptor, born 1944). 1979. Source Route.
  3. De Rivera, José (American sculptor, 1904-1985). 1980. Construction #200.
  4. Beasely, George (1943-). 2003. The Director’s Chair.
  5. Thompson, William Joseph (1926-1995). 1983. Robert W. Woodruff.
  6. Palmer, Matthew (1973-). 2008. Dooley Goes On Forever.

“My earnest desire is…that Art shall be exposed—free as air—to every Citizen, high or low, rich or poor.”  Thomas Cole, c. 1845


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New York Museums’ Virtual Tours

Kim Collins, Emory Libraries 

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