Fair Use Week 2015

Have you ever included a quote in a research paper? Used a chart or graph in a presentation to provide critical commentary or analysis? Written a book review? Have you ever copied a few paragraphs from a news article to share with your students in class? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you have successfully relied on the legal doctrine of fair use in your teaching or research.

This week is the first national Fair Use Week, an event intended to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of the fair use exception of US Copyright Law. Fair use is a flexible doctrine that allows you to use the copyrighted works of others without their permission. .

Fair use is nuanced and intended to provide a balance between the rights of creators and the progress of science and culture. In education, comment and criticism, which is integral to scholarship, is also the very thing fair use aims to encourage and protect.

In honor of Fair Use Week 2015, here are a few great fair use resources to help you confidently navigate fair use: