Guidestar: New Database for Non-Profit Research

The library has recently acquired a new database that is an excellent resource for conducting background research on non-profits for assignments, internships, practicums, and job searching. Guidestar provides information on millions of non-profits and has easy to use search functions. Library patrons can search for non-profits by state, zip code, number of employees, affiliation type, assets, gross receipts, and other convenient search terms.

Guidestar provides a detailed list of executives and board members, as well as the salaries of high-ranking employees by using IRS data.  Kristin Phillips, a Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and core faculty in the Masters of Development Practice Program, explains the importance of Guidestar for students. “The GuideStar database is one of the most important tools for any development professional seeking employment.  GuideStar provides at-your-fingertips access to information–revenue sources, organizational overviews, personnel lists, and annual reports–on millions of non-profit organizations.”

GuideStar uses a mix of IRS data and a non-profit’s self-reporting to build its comprehensive database. Each non-profit has a unique profile page, which provides a summary of the organization, its programs, financials, and its operations.  Organizations can report on their efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion, their organizational demographics, and on their ethics and transparency. In Guidestar, one can run reports on revenue and expenses, and perform a financial trends analysis. Patrons should sign in through library databases to have full access to GuideStar:

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