Horror Haiku Contest Winners!

The Horror Haiku Contest for undergraduates, co-sponsored by the Emory Integrity Project and the Robert W. Woodruff Library, was held on Halloween at both the Farmer’s Market and the Library. We are excited to announce – and publish – the winning entries of the nearly 100 that were submitted. 

The contest was inspired by the Emory Integrity Project’s Common Reading text for the 2017-2018 academic year — Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, published 200 years ago this academic year. Entries that dealt in some way with Halloween, spooky subjects or the advent of Fall were also accepted.


First Place winner — Anisha Verma

Why do we think that

Frankenstein is the monster?

Illiterate fools!

Second Place winner – Camila Vizcarra

 He didn’t deserve

The hate or fear in their eyes.

We deserved his wrath.

Third Place winner — Rizky Etika

 Oh Mary Shelley

What horrors lay in your mind?

Barely twenty-one.


We also had four runners-up.

Runner-up – Logan Makinson

Sweetgum leaves fall down,

All that is green turns brown now

Breath of autumn sighs.

Runner-up – Nandar Soe

 It rattles rattles

Then it stopped, a click, “hello”

It said, and I screamed.

Runner-up — Emmanuel Wooten

 My Reflection [Title]

Everything is wrong

Visage – contorted, mangled –

All except its smile

Runner-up – Anonymous

Inside a body

Designed and made by a man

Not man or monster.


Thank you all for participating!

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