Featured Database: L’Année Philologique

L'Année philologiqueL’Année philologique on the Internet is a database that collects bibliographic records covering the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. This is a helpful resource for anyone studying the literature, languages, histories, cultures, or religions of classical antiquity. L’Année philologique is not a full-text database, but rather an index. This means that it helps researchers discover scholarly resources but does not actually provide direct access to those resources. Emory users will need to use discoverE or eJournals to locate the content of the bibliographic records mentioned in this database. Users can also request resources that Emory does not own through ILLiad. Therefore, the significance of L’Année philologique resides in the metadata it possesses for each entry, which often includes abstracts and references to reviews in addition to the bibliographic record.

The following video gives a brief tutorial on how to use this database:

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