Heads Up! Library Facilities projects this summer

Emory’s commencement is over, but the library is busy this summer with lots of facilities projects.   Here is a quick list of some of the changes underway:

  • Jazzman’s conversion to Peet’s Level 1 – complete by August 2014
  • NextGen Learning Commons Level 2 – renovation to be complete by August 2014
  • Atwood Chemistry Center Addition -in-process; planned to open in Fall 2015
  • MARBL L10 renovation-Relocating to Level 7 until Fall 2015

Peets_optThe Jazzman coffee shop on the first level of Woodruff Library is getting a quick makeover.   The coffee shop typically closes over the summer anyway, but when it opens again in August, the coffee will be Peet’s, the food will be from Highlands Bakery, and the staff will remain Sodexo.   Peet’s Coffee & Tea sustainability policies  (Fair Trade, community engagement, and compostable cups) fit well with Emory’s.

Learning Commons RenovationAs we mentioned before, LC Blog Post, our Learning Commons area of the Woodruff Library is getting refreshed. We will have better seating and more power outlets.  The first change will be moving the reference stacks to the other side of the floor.  Then, a temporary wall will be built across from the Business Library to lessen noise and disruption as the workers continue to refresh the space.


The Atwood Chemistry Center Addition continues to progress.  The Chemistry Library is temporarily in the Math Science Library,  but will move back into the new Atwood Chemistry Center on the second floor as part of the new Science Commons.

BUT, the biggest news for the Emory Libraries is the start of our MARBL 10th Floor renovations.  Please follow the MARBL renovation page to learn the most updated news on what is happening on the Top Floors of the Woodruff Library Stack Tower.  MARBL will close for two weeks after Friday, May 16th.  In order to transport all the concrete and glass generated from dismantling the balcony deck and the exterior windows, the library will install an outside elevator and close the loading dock and the plaza.   PLEASE NOTE that beginning Monday, June 2nd there will be NO pedestrian access to the Woodruff Library Plaza. The following week beginning on Monday, June 9th there will be NO staff access to the loading dock.  Regular service deliveries will continue, and arrangements can be made for special deliveries; please contact the Library Security Office.


As you can see from the small photo, the elevators will transport the material down to a dumpster that will occupy one of the two loading dock bays.  Access to the Woodruff Library will be through the quadrangle entrance only. The library asks that people drop off and pick up behind the Carlos Museum.

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