transitioning to LinkedIn Learning Platform

This summer, our Lynda instance will transition to the LinkedIn Learning platform. is now LinkedIn LearningLinkedIn has owned Lynda since 2015 and this transition will retire the Lynda brand, relaunching as LinkedIn Learning. The change should be seamless and will provide added benefits while delivering all of the existing Lynda content, with additional courses and improved functionality.

The transition is scheduled for June 20. Please note that you will be unable to login and use Lynda/LinkedIn Learning on the day of the transition.
Lynda user course history and data will be migrated to LinkedIn Learning as long as the account is activated by March 2020, and you can access all of the courses you enjoyed while using Lynda. The login process will also be the same, using your Emory net ID and password at a new website, which will be provided closer to the transition date. The current site,, will redirect to the new site and login. As with Lynda, LinkedIn Learning will be available to all University faculty, staff, and students.

In addition, users will now have access to the following features in LinkedIn Learning:

  • More content from LinkedIn Learning, including courses from popular certification programs
  • Learning Paths – recommended courses for mastering certain skills
  • An updated and easy-to-use desktop and mobile site and search

Users will also have the option of connecting their LinkedIn Learning activity to their personal LinkedIn profile (this is not required). This feature allows LinkedIn Learning to:

  • Show completed courses on your public LinkedIn profile
  • Recommend courses based on your experience and career goals

No user data will be passed from public LinkedIn profiles back to Learning logo

Current Lynda users will receive reminders about the transition via email closer to the transition date. After the transition is complete, users will receive an email letting them know they can log in to LinkedIn Learning and connect their LinkedIn profile if they wish. To learn more, consult the LinkedIn Learning migration website.

One question that has come up is whether or not alumni can use the service. Lynda/LiL is licensed for current students, faculty and staff only.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to ATS Teaching & Learning Technologies at classes [at] emory [dot] edu.

You can see a video presentation about this transition, click here.

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