New Library Workshops on MAXQDA

This semester the Robert W. Woodruff Library will be offering workshops on MAXQDA, a software program that allows you to easily and efficiently code and analyze your qualitative research data. In MAXQDA you can code: text (Word, RTF), PDFs, excel tables, images, audio, video, twitter data, Youtube comments, bibliographic data, websites, and surveys.

The workshops are September 25 from 12 pm-1 pm and October 24 from 5 pm-6 pm. To register, go to Classes on the Library website:

Melissa Hackman, Librarian for Sociology and Development Studies, is teaching the MAXQDA workshops. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to know more about MAXQDA, please email her: Melissa [dot] joy [dot] hackman [at] emory [dot] edu

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