Meet the ARL Fellow for Digital and Inclusive Excellence – Claudia Konings

This blog post features an interview conducted by the Woodruff Library with Claudia Konings, one of the 2019-2020 Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Fellows for Digital and Inclusive Excellence hosted by Emory Libraries.

Claudia Konings

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your favorite book?

I am from Winter Garden, Florida. My favorite book is “Iron Hearted Violet” by Kerry Barnhill. I’m a QuestBridge Scholar and a sophomore at Emory. I’m also a student docent at the lovely Carlos Museum and the Programming Director for WMRE, Emory’s only college radio station. I am a 2019–2020 Digital and Inclusive Excellence Fellow with ARL, Association of Research Libraries. The program is meant to expose undergraduates with diverse backgrounds to library science.

What is your major or area of study? 

I am an Anthropology and Classical Civilizations major. I’m really interested in archaeology but lately library science has really caught my eye!

What interested you about this Fellowship?

I was really interested in learning about library science. I volunteered at my public library in high school for four years and I loved it! So when I saw the opportunity to intern through ARL at the Emory Libraries I thought it was a great chance to learn about a possible career. The internship also provided an opportunity to connect with Emory faculty librarians who have been really beneficial in my professional development, especially Kim Collins who is serving as my mentor.

What will you be working on this year for your Fellowship?

Right now I’m doing a lot of reading about digital libraries. But I hope to be involved in multiple projects throughout the year, I really want to participate in setting up an exhibit. One thing I’ve been working on is seeing how the library works with the Carlos through joint events and projects. I’m really excited to share the resources of the library with the rest of the Emory student community, because I feel like many students don’t know about what the library has to offer.

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