New article, e-book, and reference databases for Korean Studies

Over the past year, Emory Libraries has purchased three databases that will enable faculty and students to access scholarly research produced in Korea. They include DBpia (and its sister site, KRpia), KISS, and Media Korean Studies.

DBpia provides the full text of articles published in over 3,000 Korean scholarly journals in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, engineering, medicine, agriculture, and the arts. While the text of most of the articles is in Korean, many titles and abstracts are available in English. It ranks the most popular articles, journals, authors, and keywords used in each field. KRpia, the companion database to DBpia, collects a wide variety of digitized books, documents, and other sources related to Korean Studies.

The text of the Koryosa in the KRpia database

A page from the Koryosa, a history of Korea’s Koryo dynasty, as seen in KRpia. A facsimile of the written manuscript is on the right, the digitized text in Chinese characters (hanja) is in the center, and the transliteration into the Korean alphabet (hangul) is on the left.

KISS (Korean Studies Information Service System) is another database offering Korean scholarly journals, university publications, and research papers. Users can search for articles by subject area, publishing institution, or publication name. It also ranks the most popular articles appearing in search results for keywords related to current issues.

Media Korean Studies is a collection of digitized versions of Korean literary, historical, and geographic works dating from the premodern era to the colonial era. It includes classical works of literature (some of which were originally written in Chinese), historical articles on Korea-Japan relations, books from the late Choson period on Korean geography and customs, and many other searchable full-text resources, as well as facsimiles of the original print versions.

Users can access these resources via the Emory Libraries A-Z Databases page: